Samsung UN55ES6580

Samsung has the widest lineup of any HDTV producer, but the UN55ES6580 is our first pick, with a matte finish that ought to help if glare is a consideration. It is just a little pricier than Panasonic’s plasma, however comes with four pairs of 3D glasses and Samsung’s Sensible Television apps.

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I seen a significant lag in blocking, though I did not have a problem with the roll-away dodge timing. Some spells had a little bit of lag, and there have been several occasions after i can be preventing something and my character would simply stop attacking, the enemy would cease attacking, after which a second later he’d die. It was as if he truly died a bit earlier than that, but the lag had to catch up. That may be my connection (although I am running on 7MB), but I’m unsure. Either way, it’s something I don’t notice in other MMOs.